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  1. THANK YOU @crackjackx !! It worked!!! Don't Bite the Sun and Friendship Due both were still showing Botched after 1.2 patch. I followed @crackjackx suggestion from PD Support of returning to the ship, hitting Parvati with a Melee weapon (and shot gun just to be sure). She did not move towards ladder like they said she would, then I talked to the computer, then exited the ship and chose BOTH Parvati and Felix as companions and boom, both of their quests were unbotched. I'm on X-box one. I didn't reinstall, clear the cache or go back to an earlier save...I just continued fr
  2. I emailed support@privatedivision.com about how the latest patch did not fix this quest and Friendship's Due and explained how Pavariti is still alive and I can talk with Cyde, yet I am unable to continue these quests because it's still saying they are botched. I never asked them to complete the quest for me or modify a save file. Are they saying that the developers released a patch that only works if you restart a game that you have invested 30+ hours in?? Here is their response: "Thank you for contacting us! I'm sorry to hear that you ran into the dead companions iss
  3. This is such a brilliant game and it's a shame that the patch did not fix two massive game breaking issues. Don't Bite the Sun and Friendship's Due are still botched on the Xbox1. I don't remember Parvati ever dying and I can still talk to her and take her on missions. I was able to speak to to Clyde Harlow and agreed to help even the the quest still shows as botched. I had hoped that talking to Clyde would force the quest to continue but it is still showing as botched. Are there plans to address the botched missions in the next patch or are these quests just not fixable? Can
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