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  1. I also can't do the quest "Don't bite the sun". It gets botched as soon as I start it, talking to Parvatti in the ship. It says in the log that she was killed, but here she is in front of me. I did all side quests already, and I wanted to do that before "Brave New World". I will try to find a workaround while we don't have a fix.
  2. As the title says, I can't complete quests inside the HHC Building without having to fight everyone inside. This is probably because, earlier, I had exited from the wrong door in the maintenance tunnels, during Sprakings quest, inside the Acropolis district, where the guards attacked me as soon as they saw me. I realized the mistake, and quickly ran back inside the tunnels. Now, it seems people inside the building didn't forget my trespassing, while guards outside don't mind me at all, after I speech checked the "leader". Also, I already have the UDL ID, and I can't upload the saved game because it's over 512KB. Is this really a bug? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong...
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