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  1. It's like waiting for a Tarantino movie that is childish and humorous ... It's not my style. No Obsidian fan really can like this. Horrible news. As with Ninja Theory, you go to the extreme of what people who follow you like. And not. That's not how things are done ... People want an Outer Worlds ... A Fallout Vegas ... It's very ugly, a very crushed genre on top ... And boring. The worst news. But you don't care ... Our opinion, for sure.
  2. In Spain it's 12 at night, I'm going to sleep without a patch. Everything is very sad.
  3. What is the rush? Can play? I play 2.5m of the 65 "TV and the subtitles are totally illegible. It only has English voices, and I am Spanish. I need to read the subtitles, and it is impossible for me. Because nobody from the Obsidian team stopped even a second to think that the subtitles were very small. That is to be very unprofessional. I need patch now!!!
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