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  1. Thank you Obsidian very much for Fixing this quest. i just started my 2nd play-through and got Nyoka on my Team. the quest worked fine. and I noticed the dialogue choice changes. thank you again. The game Is amazing and well worth the money. I really look forward to your future projects.
  2. This Game has been out for too long and way too many people have complained about this bug for it not to be fixed. I just Bought this game for $90 Canadian. so for almost $100 this game breaking bug is unacceptable. Why hasn't this been patched yet? and why is it there in the first place. Am i Going to have to return this game? because it's a great game and it would be quite the shame to have to return it over something so stupid. Fix her God-Damn Dialogue so I can start this god damn quest. and not completely miss out on the story and a companion. because I don't want to even continue now. for almost $100 this is BS. PLEASE HURRY UP AND REPLY TO SOMEONE. TELL US YOU"RE FIXING IT. DO SOMETHING. Seeing your lack of effort to even acknowledge this is pissing me off so much and making me question my belief in obsidian. cause I believe in your company. please keep me a believer.
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