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  1. Just finished it - glorious. Can't wait for the DLC ... well, actually, I can and will.
  2. Oh, but it does. At least for me - the quest is now officially unbotched.
  3. ... aaaand it's working. Quest unbotched, final companion ready to be bonded with. Praise the Law/Chaos! Thank you very much, it is a great game and now I am very happy to finish it.
  4. Same here. Botched quest text reads "you could not help Felix to reconcile with his friend", or somesuch. The location also never spawns (or I'm too stupid to find it, but it definitely doesn't show on the map).
  5. Same Problem with "Friendship's Due" - Felix' quest. Get's botched on start, when I try it. Not because he's flagged as dead though, so I'm not sure it's the same bug.
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