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  1. The realm wise and realistic : Space tech, ship with life support, robot, sensors... and no possibility to set up camp in the wild with companion on lookout? With 3 guys, everyone sleeps 2/3 of a whole party total rest time, 1 lookout 2 sleepers. SAM does't sleep, he. Even a Stalker dares to use his sleep bag in an anomaly zone. I think TOW needs a world clock and a reworked drugs system accordingly (for a special difficulty). Amphetamines give you almost a day extra, but require longer restoration and high quality food. The world clock opens new interesting mechanics field; Different planets have different climate and moon(s) cycles and may have its own kind of atmosphere and radiation. The surroundings' conditions can vary, f.e. all bio timers slow down, but computing, electronics, robotics run and degrade faster; in very thick atmosphere the projectiles fly differently, but some damage types react with air differently; Some attributes increase during 1st moon, some decrease at second moon, in a short period of two suns occurs temporal acceleration.
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