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  1. I modded a weapon to have N-Ray damage. Whenever I equip this weapon, the damage (shown on tooltip) from ALL my weapons is reduced by 50%. I can't find any reference to this phenomenon in the codex, on any of the wiki sites, or on this forum or with a google search and I believe this is a Bug. It worried me at first and it took some time to figure out it only happened when I was holding the N-Ray weapon. I have attached 2 screenshots taken seconds apart the only difference is in one I am holding the N-Ray weapon and the other one I am not. The tool-tip being displayed is not for the N-Ray weapon. It's for a different weapon from my inventory. The issue applies to every weapon in my inventory. Note: I had to resize & convert both screenshots to .jpg because of the 512KB attachment limit. I am actually playing at 1080p resolution. Thank you, Robert
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