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  1. If u still got the botched Quest for don´t bite the sun and got no other save files just deal with it or start from the beginning. I just started a new game cuz i was tired of looking if the devs care in the Forums and looking for a patch to come every Day. Just make sure to save each 30 minutes in case something is breaking again.
  2. The Quest dont bite the sun still botched on PC. Same as before the patch i go to her talk to her quest botch. Do i really need to wait again 2 weeks im kinda over it . Im disappointed. i can sent u my save game so you could look at it to finally fix it.
  3. There is nothing fixed till now and we don´t get a fixed date only its cooming soon this week. I wish i could work like that. Here are people that payed the full price for the Game and the service for a 60 buck is kinda a bad joke. You can treat the Windows Game Pass People like that i dont care.
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