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  1. I agree so much. Bioware games have become glorified dating sims at this point. Romances are fine, but when they become the center talking point of your game; that's a problem.
  2. The combat isn't the best in this game, it's functional at the very least. The real enjoyment comes from the characters, dialogue, and story.
  3. Uh... Yes you do. It says it right in the description for supernova. That is the only reason I haven't played it on that difficulty.
  4. Here are some request I'd like 1. The ability to turn off the flaw system. I never use them and the notification it a tad annoying. I personally see no reason to take one. It only gives you 1 perk point in return, and most of the perks that are really useful you can get before hitting the lvl cap. Plus the majority of the flaws, that I've seen, effect 3 different skills while only giving me 1 perk point in return. There's not that many good perks. There's no need for extra perk points IMO. 2. I'd like the ability to play with the survival elements on normal or hard difficulties. I wo
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