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  1. No, thank you Obsidian for your continued support of The Outer Worlds, and congratulations on your achievements with it so far. I'm sure we are all really looking forward to the upcoming DLC and are excited for any news you share about it.
  2. I'm not sure how I feel about this update, it's almost made the game worse: _ There are frame rate issues and stuttering now on Xbox One X, where there wasn't before.. Thanks, but perhaps this has introduced those stuttering issues on Xbox One X? This doesn't actually increase the size of any of the fonts that people were having problems reading though.. It is the UI screen with the Character stats, Inventory, Quest Journal etc. that we struggled to read because it has a tiny font size. This doesn't fix that at all. Why nerf weapons in a single player game? You've killed one of the best builds. It was extremely fun to 1-hit enemies on Supernova with a high Science & 2-Handed stats. It wasn't the best weapon of choice, it was Spacer's Choice! ___ I noticed numbers added to dialogue options on Xbox One, like PC. Why was this added? If anything it should be the ABXY buttons like Fallout as very few Xbox players use keyboards. ___ For the time being I have removed the patch and gone back to playing offline on the release day version as these new changes have made the game worse in some aspects of both gameplay and frame rate. Let's hope the next patch fixes things.
  3. Thanks for the update! I have a few suggestions for future fixes on Xbox One X: - Increase the foliage render distance on Xbox One X so it matches at least PS4 Pro specs. (The grass on Xbox One X is the same as OG Xbox One, it looks barren compared to PS4 Pro and this shouldn't be the case given the specs of the X console) - Removable Companion helmets. We should be able to remove helmets rather than 'disable' them, or have the option to disable them per character. Some companions we want to wear a helmet and some we don't. (The only workaround [if you want no helmets] is to never equip a helmet on companions at all, which seems illogical) - Container inventorys not showing up: Certain containers (boxes, chests etc.) will be glowing but when you highlight them with the reticule the inventory screen doesn't show up. You have to walk away from the container and highlight it again for the inventory to show up. Sometimes their inventory will also be 'empty' but when you highlight them again the loot has reappeared inside. P.S. on a minor note, any chance you could add Stefan Garcia's 'Trade' clothes and hats inventory to Jolicoeur's in Byzantium or a Groundreaker vendor? I noticed he sells some cool beanie hats etc, but he closes up shop very early in the game. Thank you Obsidian
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