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  1. "Don't bite the Sun" still botched. Didn't become unbotched. Parvati is listed as killed but can still be taken with as a companion off ship. I'm on the PS4, started out on Supernova, but changed that to Hard still really early in the game before even going to Edgewater and meeting any companions. I waited patiently for two weeks for this patch where I didn't play the game. Really was enjoying it until this happened. Guess I'll have to not play it indefinitely. Thanks a lot. This glitch sucks and is breaking immersion for me. I don't want to restart the game and the uncertainty that
  2. On the PS4. Don't Bite The Sun. Parvati killed. Having the same issue. The quest fails no matter what I do. Tried diff. dialogue options, talking at different part of the ship, swapping armor, and if I ignore the quest completely, it still fails and just shows up as a botched quest. I just went to Scylla, haven't met Nyoka, no cows ever present. Tried to ignore the quest and went to Relay Station but it still ends up showing up as failed with Parvati listed as killed. This is breaking immersion of the game for me and I won't be playing until this is fixed. To replay like 6 hours of q
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