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  1. Once you beat the game you beat the game, you cant continue afterwords unless you have a save at the "point of no return"
  2. Okay thank you for the reply! Youd think it would atleast help with the cost of tinkering standard weapons
  3. Im having the same issue,200,000 bits for tinkering my weapons now?makes the science perk kinda useless
  4. So the problem is that even though i have science maxed at 100 it caps the science weapons at 200 bits a pop for tinkering but with regular weapons it doesnt get capped at all? I thought that it further reduces down to 90 percent,or is that just for science weapons?
  5. Second playthrough of this game,lvl 28 and im more than halfway through the game and no matter how many times i leave and come back to byzantium i cant get the vendors to spawn there unique weapons.
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