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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions.. I'm still in two minds about it. Think I'll wait for a bit and see if anything changes. Story mode may work. I've heard it's not supposed to be a particularly hard game, so maybe it would be possible. Sneaking rarely works well for me as I usually see enemies much, much later than they see me. But having decent companions may help. I'm quite happy to take the ego hit and play on story mode if need be. Anyway, appreciate all the friendly feedback!
  2. Thanks - think I will have to give it a miss in that case unless Obsidian release some kind of patch for it. Pity as the vats system in fallout is perfect for me. I can see why they didn't use the exact system, and for most people I'm sure it's better this way, but an option to give a bit of assistance would have been nice.
  3. Out of interest, what text is shown on screen that you can't read? Is this the menus, objectives etc? My eyes are awful, so I struggle normally. I'm quite used to missing pretty much every notification and tutorial message in every game. Does enabling PS4 zoom (PS button + square if turned on in accessibilty) help? I use it all the time.
  4. I am visually impaired and, much as I love FPS games, I struggle a little these days. This game sounds great, and I would really love to play it but I'm worried that I won't be able to. My main problem is seeing where the enemies are, and then trying to find where the hell my crosshair is and then get the two things in the same place before I'm dead. (I have really bad tunnel vision as well as various other issues) Can anyone tell me if this game has an auto-aim option? Because this would probably be enough for me to buy it. Or alternatively an option to make the crosshair really
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