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  1. As I posted back in April (see below), even after the they claimed to have fixed the problem there are still glitches related to playing in widescreen. The image in my post was taken without using any mods, just the game in windowed fullscreen (or whatever they call it, I gave up on the game and forget the names of the view options). Of course, the real solution would still be to provide actual fullscreen support for widescreens, but even if they want to claim it's fixed because game assets were updated the glitchy scope I showed is clear evidence their "fix" wasn't complete. Really a bummer.
  2. Ultrawide support for loading screens and cinematics. Gameplay still only supports widescreen in "Windowed Fullscreen" mode as covered earlier in this thread. Even if you have a machine capable of taking the performance hit from running at a high resolution outside of actual Fullscreen mode, the game is broken in small ways that can be really distracting. For example, see my attached image of what happens when you use a sight on a weapon. If you're playing a sniper (and I am), you see this a lot and it gets old. The sight is tiled on the far-left and -right sides of the screen. I've stopped playing until actual, complete widescreen support is added. It's ridiculous this still isn't fixed, but I'm hoping the updates to the loading screens and cinematics indicate they plan on adding complete widescreen support. However, if tweaking the loading screens and cinematics so they aren't stretched (loading screens) or cropped (cinematics) is what Obsidian considers fixing widescreen, they're missing the point.
  3. Sure, I haven't tried it but it sounds like an ok workaround for a problem that people shouldn't be experiencing. Though if one has to repeatedly toggle GPU settings before/after playing the game, that'll get old fast. But even then, it's not 21:9 support...
  4. Just another person who was excited to purchase The Outer Worlds but am now holding off until decent support for ultrawide monitors arrives. At a minimum there should be proper 16:9 pillarboxed display, but it sounds like this isn't available. That seems bizarre... Preferably, proper support for 21:9 with an increased FOV would look amazing. Here's hoping this gets addressed soon.
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