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  1. Posting this message as a reminder to everyone. This exact same bug happens to PC users too, including me. Why oh why does it have to happen on the last room at the END of the whole game? This is like a joke they would have on Dorkly.
  2. This is to update obsidian on this issue. I play on PC, not XBOX, and I still get this very same crash. I have Parvati and Vicor Max as my party members at the time. I used my z command to send the companions into the camera room ahead of me, but that did not trigger a crash. Only my character entering the door way triggered the crash. My GPU is a GTX 970 made by ASUS. My CPU is an INTEL Core i7 4770. This report is from Nov 13 2019.
  3. I had crashing on loading an area for the first time. Updating my 2 year old graphics card drivers helped.
  4. I have a similar issue, except, instead of Tartarus, I can not exit Auntie Cleo's Secret Lab. The front door, side door, and vent exit all lead to an instant crash as soon as the outside world loads in. I hope our issue can be patched. EDIT UPDATE: What I did was open my GeForce video driver manager and install the latest ones. It turns out my video drivers were 2 years out of date. I can now leave the lab just fine and have not seen anymore crashes for a while. I hope this helps everyone else with GTX970 cards.
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