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  1. While playing one time i got the acrophobia flaw and took it but then a bit later I died and had to reload a previous save farther back than when i got the flaw. Because I'm playing on supernova difficulty i often have to go back sometimes quite far cause i forget to save. This time when i reloaded and went back to the place i was and attempted to acquire the flaw i couldn't no matter what i tried. I now have two other phobia flaws both combat related (primal and robots) but when I'm on my ship i will have random phobia debuffs appear and dissapear. most notably while near the bed in the hanger bay and on any structures or obstacles. so it looks like i still have the flaw but do not have the coresponding perk that would have come with accepting it. that seems like a bad bug to have where reloading a save after getting a flaw doesn't give you the perk but straddles you with the flaw anyway. EDIT: after playing a bunch more i just recently re-received the acrophobia flaw again and took it. so hopefully that will have solved my issue but it was still a bug.
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