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  1. To those curious i did a little playing around to try and get past the quest with little luck. If you don't care about getting her as a companion you can simply kill her and be done with it, i wanted her as an option so i tried to get around this. I first made a save then killed her to find out where the quest goes. After loading the save and following through with the mission it does continue the mission without Nyokas involvement. Going back to speak to her you are given a new dialogue asking her to hunt with you, and she'll again ask for the caffenoids **For some of you this could potentially trigger the quest, it has not for me though**. You can actually get the caffeinods by stealing a key from the lady that gives out the drugs and steal them from her closet. Going back to Nyoka and talking to her with the caffenoids did not trigger any new dialogue for me to circumvent the quest. If you steal the caffenoids before talking to her a second time still no new dialogue appears. TLDR; Skipping her is an option, though you still won't be able to get her as a companion.
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