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  1. I stopped playing. I'm not sacrificing my experience just to get past. There's no lack of good games to play instead. I'll come back to it if they fix it.
  2. Yep. Without the quest initiation from Nyoka, you are not even presented with the appropriate dialogue option by the old lady at the dispensary, so there is no way to get the pills legitimately.
  3. Appreciate the insight. I'm not really on board with degrading my experience with the game because of a bug. There are a million other games to play, I'll just wait for a patch.
  4. Why are the devs ignoring the threads related to this bug? About an hour ago, @OEI_Wolf and @OEI_um responded to a bunch of threads with boilerplate responses but skipped this thread and another thread reporting the same issue...
  5. Have tried a few things to get this going with no luck. I tried getting the key from Dr. Williams' corpse in the graveyard to maybe kick off the Passion Pills quest. No go. Tried hacking the terminal, again no go. Tried to pickpocket the journal from Nyoka but it's really effing hard not to get caught (came very close once, got her inventory open but was caught before I could take it, haven't been able to replicate it since). No guarantees it would even work though. I know killing her and taking the journal will advance the quest but obviously you lose her as a companion, and people apparently have been able to continue just by going to Devil's Peak, again missing out on her as a companion. Neither of those options are acceptable to me.
  6. Yup, me too. And a bunch of other people in this forum and on Reddit.
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