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  1. hi, let me start by saying i get why you want DoF in this game, it masks the scope of the garden, makes it look bigger than it is and it makes it a bit harder for the players to orient themselves. i don't deny the validity of these design choices, still i find the depth of field usage in grounded way too aggressive and it is definitely detrimental to my enjoyment of the game (or it would if hadn't disabled it via ini edit). the blurred image puts a lot of stress on my eyes, it borders being painful (i also almost always deactivate motion blur for the same reason) and while i get why you wouldn't want to add an option to disable it, i think it would be beneficial to tone it down a notch. of course this is a subjective opinion and as a design choice it is obvious and valid, but in grounded it's so extreme i rarely encountered worse DoF in any other game to date. i hope you will consider tweaking depth of field in grounded, so i may even play the game without deactivating it. thanks ps: also, when will you buy paradox and make tyranny 2. asking for a friend.
  2. I got the same problem. Attached my DXDiag. Also I got a two monitor extended desktop setup and my mouse is a logitech g402. DxDiag.txt
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