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  1. If you expecting a fix in the form of a patch or something, forget about it, the game is no longer supported. Besides, you are trying to run it on Vista. Just like with most older software and Vista, you are on your own with making KotOR2 work, since Vista didn't even exist when the game was developed or released. As for how to get around the problem, other than running in admin mode (that's not logging in as an admin and running it, that's right-clicking on the executable and choosing "run as admin", even if your user is already an admin), you can try some other things, like turning off Vista's UAC (User Account Control) or running the game on a single processor core (assuming you have a multi-core processor).
  2. Just because one game worked, doesn't mean the other will, they are different pieces of software that do have different requirements. The problem is your video card (Radeon 7500). That model is specifically listed as one of the "non-compatible" video cards, since it does not meet the minimum requirements for the game.
  3. Good thing they never promised anyone that they would produce regular updates on the progress then...
  4. This happens with my second disk all the time. All I had to do to get around it was copy the contents of the disk to a directory on my hard drive and when the install asks for the disk, I point it at that directory. I don't know if it really makes a difference, but I did name the directory the same as the label on the disk. BTW - CRC errors don't always mean a bad disk, sometimes they can be an indication of a bad CD/DVD drive or its connecting cable. If you have had any disk read errors with any other disks, then that is a very likely suspect for the cause of this particular error. Unfortunately, the only way to fix a bad drive or cable is by replacing it.
  5. In that case, try updating your sound drivers.
  6. Did you right-click on the correct executable/shortcut? If you right-clicked on the menu or desktop shortcut, it shouldn't have the launch analysis option, since the shortcut points to launcher.exe and not swkotor2.exe. You need to right-click directly on the swkotor2.exe file and the launch analysis option should be the third (or fourth) option on the menu.
  7. That looks like someone compiled all of the other fan fix "patches" into one patch. Nice to see they didn't bother crediting the original authors for their work.
  8. It sounds like you are trying to run it on Vista. If so, see the sticky thread above, specifically the part about replacing the Mss32.dll file: http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showt...mp;#entry760302
  9. I love the way everyone assumes that if the beta were open it would somehow magically make the mod progress faster. Sure they might have hit the 1000 bugs found mark a bit sooner than they actually did, but it doesn't mean they would have fixed those bugs any quicker.
  10. Well, when that happens to me (rarely), I usually just hit the TAB key as if I am going to switch party members and it seems to "unlock" movement. Not sure if that will work in a solo area like Peragus, though. Also, with a multi-core processor, it is usually best to set the game's affinity to a single core.
  11. You downloaded a leaked, broken and incomplete early beta and expected it to actually work?
  12. Nope, definitely the wrong place for this, it has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. You should start your own thread to ask a unrelated question like that, or find an existing thread with the same topic to post in via the forum search function.
  13. The problem is likely the Intel 915's lack of hardware T&L capability (it does do software T&L). Supposedly the game requires that ability (unlike KotOR 1), but the latest patch also supposedly added support for the Intel 915, which seems to conflict with that requirement. Frankly, I have never known of anyone with anything less than an Intel 945/965 getting the game to run, and those only run at the barest minimum settings. Like refuse suggested, you might be able to use 3D Analyze to trick the game into thinking you have a card with hardware T&L ability, which is probably your only option since a hardware upgrade on that laptop is unlikely.
  14. woild you happen to have a link to the file? As I said, there is a link to a download in that thread that both Deraldin and I have now linked to. Just read that post and it will give you all the instructions you need.
  15. Its is the Miles Sound System support library that comes with KotOR 2 and is found in the game's install directory. Unfortunately the version that came with KotOR 2 is not compatible with Vista, but the older version that came with KotOR 1 (and any number of other games) does work with Vista. In the Kotor2 Technical FAQ, Statistics & Mod Info, Read first... common issues... including Windows Vista post Deraldin linked to, there is a section about Vista issues that includes a download link for a working version of the Mss32.dll file.
  16. Plenty has been done since then. Only 1 bug has been resolved (on Dec. 4), but 40+ more bugs have been found and reported since then.
  17. Deraldin actually answered the question with the links he posted, just follow the instructions there, specifically the part about replacing the Mss32.dll file.
  18. I think that's the problem, your sound playback audio should not be the Logitech Microphone, it should be the Realtek. I haven't heard of that solution before, so I can't say for certain if it would work for you or how you would be able to (legally) get the files from a game you do not own.
  19. It sounds like you have Windows configured to use your webcam as the default sound device, instead of your sound card. To check/change that, open the Control Panel, double click on the "Sounds and Audio Devices" applet and go to the Audio tab. From the drop-down list under Sound playback, select your actual sound card, instead of the webcam. BTW - Apologies for my English, I unfortunately don't speak any French.
  20. Its a known issue with certain ATI cards/drivers. Supposedly you can fix it by putting a replacement atioglxx.dll file into the game's install directory. It doesn't seem to work for everyone, but you can give it a try. File download
  21. That video chipset lacks the necessary hardware capabilities to play KotOR 2. It won't matter if you can find a better driver (there isn't one), it still won't be able to play the game.
  22. Well, the mod website was launched on April 3, 2005, but the project itself was started shortly before that.
  23. I just had a similar situation with my second disk during a reinstall yesterday. What I did to get around it was copy the entire contents of the second disk to a directory on one of my hard drives, then when the install prompted me for it, I just browsed for the directory and the install proceeded normally. I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I did name the directory identically to the disk volume name (KOTR2_2).
  24. It might help to know some system info, like OS and hardware specs.
  25. It has come to my attention that someone recently posted a Rapidshare link here to something they claimed was a public release of 1.0b11 build of the mod. Just in case anyone was wondering, it is not the 1.0b11 build at all, but is actually the old broken 1.0b8 leak from months ago. There has been no new leak and the mod has not been released (yet).
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