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  1. 1 and 3 agreed. 2 makes sense. I would add in game clock as i am not able to tell the time and how long i should sleep.
  2. Thanks for reply. In the end it really looks like a controller issue. I tried one trick I found on youtube to simply blow into the analog stick to move the dust out. And miroucasly it worked. Still some issues, but just sporadicaly. When it gets worse i will maybe dismabntle it and clean with alcohol ot buy new one. I wasnt aware that these issues are so common. And since the controller was quite new and looked after i didnt expect the issue to be here. Maybe its a combination of booth-game sensutivity and controller tolerances...
  3. Thanks, I am aware of this, but I am on playstation, where you can't do this kind of edit...
  4. Left analog stick keeps drifting. I kerp moving even if slightly or not even at all touch the left stick. Others on reddit report same issues. Deadzone setings s hould be adjusted (almost new controller, no issues in other games)
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