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  1. Probably caused by the quest that causes the cattle to appear. It's either an iconoclast or sublight quest. Same problem here.
  2. I have a post on this myself. I'm having the same problem. Did you do a quest that loaded in cattle to your cargo hold and ada says something like "Who keeps ordering the fertilizer?" If so that's what caused it for me. It's one of the either iconoclast or sublight quests.
  3. Ok so the quest that puts the cattle in the cargo hold bugs out parvati's companion quest. The moment that the cattle appear you get a warning that the date quest failed and when you open the quest parvati is listed as having died. But she's still in the ship and still able to be taken out on quests. There's a second part to this glitch as well though. Part 2: When you try to speak with her on the ship she'll talk but only have 2 options available. 1. I think it's time you moved on. (basically dismissing her from your crew) 2. End the conversation. Also when other characters off the ship that she'd normally interact with speak they speak like she's not there. Banter on the ship per ada still takes place though. Part 3: Also upon leaving the area and reloading back into the ship. The cattle are now gone. But the glitch remains and the quest remains as failed.
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