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  1. unable to give pills to nyoka, and unable to progress. last save is 10 hours before. game seems to only keep 3 autosaves and they are all after i first talked to her. going to get a refund instead of re-playing 10 hours. this is really annoying as i was enjoying the game. i don't want to have to kill her or play the game with a missing companion. might reconsider and play again if this gets fixed ever. hope the devs are paying attention. if you lock this thread because of the others, can the mods make sure the others are tagged with 'bug'? i want the devs to be aware.
  2. Private division support is jerking me around on this. Attempting to request a refund. My friend has found two other quest bugs as well. Seems like they just skimped on QA for this. Oh well, as the overall feel of the game was pretty good.
  3. Can we flag this thread as a Bug to make sure devs see it on the off-chance they are paying attention?
  4. Yea this is a huge bug and so stupid and hilarious that it got into the release. I requested a refund through Epic. Not going to go back to my last save 10 hours ago and be out 60 dollars.
  5. Can we get this thread flagged as a bug? I don't really want to play the rest of the game without Nyoka.
  6. Bumping this in hopes there is a fix. Having the same issue, and last save before talking to her is over 10 hours ago. Considering requesting a refund, as I've heard Private Division support is saying there is no fix. Terrible experience as I was beginning to enjoy the game. Not worth the purchase to have to deal with things like this though.
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