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  1. Hello Obsidian! I'm just starting this game that I've been waiting for since its announcement. Above all, after more than two hours of play, I love it! The art direction, the universe, the gameplay ... Thank you to all the team! I mention in passing that I am French, and that Google Translation helps me to write all that ... ------> The two "problems" that I encounter: - The text, whether at the level of subtitles, menus, is really too small. I do not wear glasses, I never needed them. But there, I squint, I get up to see better, it's not practical. it makes me even a little headache ... - A problem that does not really have one. But who breaks the immersion. In town, I put away my weapon while pressing "Square" (I am on ps4 pro). But every time I talk to someone, as the key of dialogue is the same as to release the weapon, I find myself to release my weapon before each discussion ... That's the only two problems for me right now. The texts too small, it's really urgent I think. And we are numerous, on the French forums, to think that. I continue my adventure. And I hope one day an Outer Worlds 2 even bigger. MERCI !
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