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  1. Really difficult for me to believe there is no fix. The "switch" that begins the quest to get the Caffeinoid, which is supposed to be triggered by dialogue with Nyoka, simply isn't firing if you choose certain responses; this should be super easy to locate and fix. I'm not familiar with the Unreal Engine but generally speaking these kinds of scripts are very straightforward. OP gave nice description of where it went wrong. It should even be pretty easy to fix it so that someone who has passed that point can go back and get Nyoka to join. Now, considering Obsidian is apparently facing an
  2. Thanks for that. Also a minor update; I went ahead and talked to the C3 on Devil's Peak, which does advance the quest. Back with Nyoka, the conversation does change to give you the option to say " I could use a hunter...", but then she mentions needing the Caffeinoid (which I already have), and there is no option to give it to her.
  3. Same problem here. I read somewhere else that you can still progress the main quest by going straight to the next location without Nyoka, but Nyoka is also a companion and I'd really prefer to not miss her completely. Unfortunately I'd have to lose over 7 hours of progress to go back far enough to do it over. BLAARGH. P.S.: you should edit the title of this thread to be more descriptive of the specific problem. Devs could easily miss this thread or not realize that's it's about a very specific issue that they could (probably) easily fix. I almost re-posted just to make a new title.
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