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  1. Sadly no. Was a bit disappointed about that, thought the devs might have considered that someone might go for that name, but so far nothing as far as I've noticed?
  2. So I was just wondering what everyone named thier character? I know it makes no real difference to the game or story, and is just personal choice, but have you chosen funny / silly names or proper sensible ones? I have gone for, so far, MALCOLM REYNOLDS (because, let's face it, this game is Firefly the videogame! ) and ALEX HAWTHORNE (so my character doesn't have to lie about his / her name! )
  3. Go to windows store, click the 3 dots by your account icon thingy, choose updates, check for updates, download 1.8gb outer worlds patch! this patch seems to sort the "stuck at press any key screen" issue on PC (gamepass /windows store version) ? It tries to connect to Xbox live, the press any key disappears and you're stuck at that screen listening to the music! After patch this issue, for me, is fixed! AND achievements I had unlocked but hadn't received due to bug, have now popped up! Yay!
  4. You're not meant to. Anyway theres nothing in there, just a toilet. (U made me curious so I used a low gravity cheat to hop in there and see for myself )
  5. Slightly disappointed that theres not a fix for the stuck at the 'press any key ' screen when you allow the game to access your Xbox account on PC. I want to earn achievements while playing and have cloud saves.
  6. By 'various game crashes', I assume that includes the stuck at press any key screen when using the PC gamepass version after it attempts to connect to your Xbox account? (I hope as it's the only problem I'm having with the PC version).
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