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  1. That would be interesting to see. I’ve been offered 2 already but they both sounded horrible to didn’t take them.
  2. Right, so far I’ve noticed that it does this when attempting to talk to NPCs, transitioning areas, and interacting with objects (first noticed it when using the elevator in the Saltuna Cannery). I’m not sure if NPCs ever react to drawing your gun, but assume they may. Beyond that, having to constantly re-holster my weapon is driving me bonkers.
  3. I agree 100%, this is the only thing that that drives me crazy with the controls, everything else works great.
  4. I agree that the text is way too small. Playing on Xbox One and a 65” TV. Only sitting about 10’ away and it’s hard to read where other games aren’t. Most of the item descriptions and other flavor text are well written or funny and I don’t want to have to squint to read it, or worse just skip over it.
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