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  1. Doesn't seem like it is for regular gameplay in fullscreen, I'm not sure I still haven't played it yet even though I've wanted to since release.
  2. Alright, thanks for the clarification. Yeah I'm hoping that it will get the last polish to make it functional.
  3. I read the latest patch notes that ultrawide support was added, but also read that ultrawide doesn't work from people. What's going on there?
  4. Thank you! Still waiting to play this game! Would love cutscenes rendered in 21:9 aswell if at all possible. So many games skip that step unfortunately!
  5. I would also be ok with cutscenes and all being cropped, but general gameplay shouldnt be a problem right? Ofc I would love to have it all ultrawide, but at least playing it in a functional way would be fine.
  6. Thats how I feel too, Im so tired of having to fiddle around with stuff to make things KIND OF work.
  7. Yea same here. It shouldn’t be to big of a hassel it feels like! Anyone from Obsidian able to provide an update?
  8. Yea I can just set overall aspect ratio on my monitor to 16:9 using the monitors own menu, but as you said. I was really expecting a game like this to support 21:9. I'm hoping for a quick patch, would love to hear some news from Obsidian themselves
  9. I had the exact same experience, was so hyped and ready to go but I don’t wanna spoil the experience and go for it without a 21:9 fix
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