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  1. Ah i forgot to add. I have Xbox Gamepass/WS version on Win 10. Its working fine for me. I`m doing it as per below: 1. Launch the game / start game 2. Launch OW Wide Screen trailer as Admin 3. Don`t start any conversations. 4. Press F8 to fix 21:9 Ultrawide 5. Press F6 to fix FoV.
  2. Thank you so much Speeko for posting this. It`s working as expected and as suspected the immersion is much better. Either way i would like full ultra-wide support to be implemented in game by devs so we don`t need to use third party software for it.
  3. Ultra-wide option should be available during conversations. The story is good (so far) and ultra-wide would allow better immersion and better experience. I hope you guys can implement this soon.
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