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  1. Which platform are you playing on? If PC, you could try the tweaks found here: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Outer_Worlds#Video_settings
  2. Is this even possible? I was excited when the developers said that the game could be completed without killing anyone. I've succeeded in that so far, but I'm still very early in the game. However, there are clearly areas that you can't stealth or talk your way through. I've taken a stance lately about avoiding indiscriminate killing in games. I'm not going to kill a guy just because he's standing in the way of the door I want to go through even if he's just a 1 dimensional, shoot on sight goon. In one area I found a stun baton and thought "Finally, here's a non-lethal way to progress, just knock them out a la Deus Ex." Two whacks later and the guard is dead. Whelp, so much for that. Reload. So, are there any real non lethal options built into the game?
  3. DS4Windows does work. The game recognizes the DS4 as an Xbox controller as expected. I'm not sure if it's unique to my situation, but I had to set the analog stick deadzones to 0.2 to keep the player and camera from moving on their own. I'm sure I won't be the first to say it, but it would be nice to see official DS4 support and Playstation style button prompts for the many PC users who prefer the DS4.
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