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  1. Comparison, not competing. Each game has its strengths and weaknesses. Compared to other games, O.W. is in my opinion a more laid back, slower paced game than something like Borderlands 3, with emphasis on story.
  2. This is perhaps the most in-depth PC/NPC intteractive game I have ever played since I programmed Moon Lander in Basic on a PCjr. A decision I made yesterday ended up costing me a story option today. It is no Mass Effect yet O.W. beats out the likes of Fallout 4 and others. Finally found a hat that would work to complete the mission.
  3. Playing a few hours isn't going to do it. You obviosly have not progressed as far as I have to see the dialotgues among the crew. Outer Worlds is a story-based RPG heavy on PC and NPC interactions with combat, and not vice-versa with lots of combat and less story and interctions. Interactions are quite complex. In other words, it is not Borderlands 3 Lootsplosion with some story elements. The only complaint I have so far is: 1. I can murder the entire crew of Spacebreaker and can't find a quest item - a certain helmet - I need as it won't drop. Need Black Market that trades in other things than Corporate wares/
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