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  1. I just wanted to post that today I saw on my order page that my key was processing. Just now I checked and had an activate key option. When you apply it at Epic it just shows The Outer Worlds Pre Purchase with a release date of tomorrow and I didn't notice any pre load option. Which to me is still odd since Microsoft was offering them as far back as last weekend. That said.. just happy to have gotten my key.
  2. I honestly felt kind of the same way. Or at least I felt if I am not going to get the key until THAT day then don't bill me until THAT day. I ordered directly because in my mind that meant no 3rd party taking a cut and I wanted to support the developer. If they had mentioned anywhere during the process that it was just going to get me a key to use on Epic and no pre load I wouldn't have ordered directly. Mostly I just believe that when you bill me you should give me my key. Once I unlock the key per the policy on the order page I give up my right to ask for a refund so there isn't any reason to not give you your key.
  3. Well if you buy it through PD they are just going to give you a key to use on Epic. I'm not sure if Epic purchases are getting a pre load or not. The response I got from PD was that I won't get my key to use over at Epic until the 25th. So it probably is smoother just to buy it through Epic if you are going to use it anyway.
  4. I sent a message to support yesterday because I had been emailed that my order was complete. This is the response I was sent: "Thank you for contacting Private Division Customer Care. This is a pre-order, the release date of the product is october 25. You will receive the activation code that day. Have a nice weekend!" I guess it's not a big deal. However, since apparently Microsoft Pass customers can already pre-load... you would think ordering directly from the company would result in the same. In regards to Epic.... I never saw anything about that either until I saw the redemption instruction. I had never used Epic store because I already had enough launchers installed on my machine. There also wasn't any obvious way to cancel the pre-order through Private Division or I would have switched over to Microsoft as my pre order source.
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