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  1. Guys, I can't pass Engwithan Digsite, they hit hard as ****. I'm with MC (Bloodmage-skaen prist), eder (fighter+rogue) xoti (sc priest) and a custon (shieldbearers + troubadour), all lvl4. Someone can help me to pass this location?
  2. Main char: Blood Mage + Skaen Priest (Human?) Eder : Fighter + Rogue Pallagina: Paladin + Chanter and idk who for the last three spots haha
  3. just triple crown for now, I need to know the game before trying The Ultimate in deadfire, seems much harder then PoE1.
  4. I just finished the Ultimate achievement in the first game, so I want to play the second one now I was looking for builds here but all are from old versions, which builds are quite strong in the current patch for Triple Crown (party)? Preferably paladin, cypher or wiz if possible. I know that I should do any build, but I don't wanna a weak build and die every time.
  5. Guys, I'm doing a chanter for "The Ultimate" achievement and I'm not sure about the best phrases and invocation for solo PotD, I'm thinking about " The Dragon Thrashed, the Dragon Wailed" build, but its good? and what the other phrases/invocation should I must take? If you guys can help me with best in slot equips/foods too...
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