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  1. Basicly this model has two graphic cards ... One used for low energy mode - this is like brwosing internet and such, the second one 6600M/6700M is used for gaming. I guess this might be the source of the problem, I will chceck in bios if I can set the 6600M/6700M graphics to be used as main device. But this will have to wait for the evening The drivers are up to date, I made a system reinstall (due to my old disk dying) and I have donloaded the latest drivers.
  2. The whole DXdiag file is posted with the original post. As far as I know they are - moreover, the game did run before the disk change (I changed from normal to SSD) and system reinstal.
  3. Is anyone competent even reading this forum? I'm trying to find a solution on my own, but I pretty much run out of ideas - the game is verified on steam, I downloaded it twice from scratch, all the drivers are up to date, alt-tabbing and alt-entering doesn't do a thing except for the normal functions. Any one got any other ideas on what to try? I've seen notes about changing the game resolution by editting the .ini file, but I just cannot pinpoint it location, anyone tried it?
  4. Hello I have a problem running the game - it starts, but in strad of loading i get a black and pink screen changing after a few seconds. I can hear the music, and when the game loads the menu all I can see is a pink screen. The menu seems to be working though, because if I actually click something I can hear the game respong - but the pink screen is there all the time. I would really like to play the game (just played the whole first part for the second time to refresh my memory) so I am asking for help. DXdiag file attached along with a screen Looking forward to your help Mariusz Edit: I'm trying to run the game with all the DLC's DxDiag.txt
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