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  1. Greetings, I'll post this bug to the attention of the developers. It seems it was something known from one year ago : I'll keep my words about what I think of this video game, technically. Basically, after talking to Udyne (with rather aggressive dialogue options) the quest may have disappeared, not only from my journal entry, as Remaro is missing at Seyuka. However, contrary to the post I had the encounter with Malnaj, after talking to Udyne (and said to her to "kindly ****-off, exactly the same answer as a previous game, see foward). The quest may have disappeared from there. Already done this quest, so I know how it works, and I've done it exactly the same way as a previous game (save). This previous game, was with exactly the 'same' character : I decided to redo from scratch the game as I've encountered too many dialogues/quests bugs that have broke my immersion. But again, I'll keep my words about that incident. I do not have previous save games that allow me to get back to before talking to Udyne. So I'm basically bamboozled. And as my character has since the release of Pillars of Eternity (2015) a role-play of a Pirate, you can suppose I am a lot disappointed and upset by this situation (not being able to have the wonderful hat as a reward), not talking about all the other problems I have with the game in terms of immersion. Shadow Explorer does not allow me to bring back a save before the Udyne talk, the most recent restore point is the 28th May 2019, which is a save a few hours before my decision to restart my character. Here are the saves affected : https://www.dropbox.com/s/pes9j4krwux5ox5/Savegames [Sorcerer bug].zip?dl=0 I can give a basic play-through, but it may have some minor flaws. I basically just expect the bug to be noted and corrected as fast as possible, mostly when it comes after over a year of the game release. This is to avoid any similar problem in the futur for another poor soul, like me*. As far as I am concerned, I am rather discouraged to continue to play the game, mostly as I play it for the RP which is here dying with all these stuffs happening. Nevertheless, if someone already had a similar problem with a solution or a workaround (other than the console or CheatEngine) I'll take it, and I'll promise I will not loot its ship. Respectfully. * I have currently 79 hours on Pillars of Eternity II : Deadfire, and have the feeling to waste all of these hours. output_log.txt
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