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  1. since I tend to play mostly male characters I didn't know that you actually get to listen to a whole-female version of the songs in the game as well. I just had the "issue", that I got a bit surprised to hear Carrie Shaws Voice on the Soundtrack in a mixed version with Nils Brown together. And by issue, I mean that Carrie Shaw has a beautiful voice, that belongs into an opera but hearing her singing seashanties sounds kinda "wrong" for me. As a musician and musiophile I can admire great voices as such but sometimes a "too perfect" voice can ruin the immersion of a game (or in this case, the soundtrack) for me. Nils Brown has a rough voice, perfectly suited for the shanties and he is able to send me back onto the Defiance every time I listen to the soundtrack, but as soon as Carrie Shaw starts to sing it throws me back. So i thought I might as well ask, if it is possible to get my hands on a copy of the shanties version soley sung by Nils Brown. That would make my daily routine car drive to work a lot better, since I would be spared from switching songs while driving Have a nice day and keep being awesome.
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