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  1. thanks for the input! I think I will do Zerker/Stalker with Bear and try to navigate the early game as best as I can.
  2. Hi all, I have in mind to play a dwarf Barbarian/Ranger melee character with Bear for RP purposes. I am wondering if this multiclass is viable in melee, and which subclasses to pick (if any). Berserker fits thematically but I do not see it very friendly in terms of friendly fire / damaging my own pet. Any thoughts? Thnx!
  3. To me PoE 1 is an overall better experience and a vastly superior game, plus a much better tribute to the old classics. I recently finished a PoE 1 playthrough and jumped straight to PoE 2. This is what I immediately missed: - linearity > in my opinion linearity is a trademark of classic cRPG's. semi-open / free worlds do not work for me in these games as they take away the core elements of immersion and intimacy that are inherently linked to the rest of systems (e.g. character development) in cRPG's. - pacing > a bit related to the above, the pacing in PoE 1 is much better as it's organically embedded into the main quest development. This is a critical element where PoE 2 fails tremendously imo - dungeon crawling > horrible in PoE 2. the hyper simplification of combat really kills this integral part of any cRPG. The injury mechanic and the rest system was what made PoE 1 good and what justifyed in my opinion a really weak character creation / develoment system. I do not know why Obsidian decided to go for a console-dumbed version for combat / dungeon crawling and a multiclassing system that is close to pointless given how simple the whole character development is. - story > to me this is very subjective so I will not comment in detail. I honestly expected something different in PoE 2 and was very disappointed to see that it is just the same again but made worse as everything you do is loosely connected (being generous) to the main quest. Basically the best PoE 3 experience possible to me would be PoE 1 with the technical aspects and artwork expertise from PoE 2.
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