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  1. I also ran into this few times. Once my character got completly stuck on this and even after I killed all the enemies, it got me stuck in combat and I had to load the last save.
  2. Sadly, I bought the game just few days before 5.0 release when the support ceased ...
  3. There is some error in material replacement code. Lets have 2 skills, both with different status effect and both of those status effects have material replacement: #1: duration 10 sec, replacement A #2: duration 20 sec, replacement B If you use skill #1, material is replaced to A. Now use skill #2 before skill #1 ends. Material is replaced to B. Skill #1 ends before skill #2. Material B is correctly preserved. But problem is when skill #2 ends, material is NOT restored to the original material (ie. before skill #1). This can be observed during the combat randomly, where lot of material replacements can occur. Example is Priest with Skaal subclass. During the combat, cast Shadowing Beyond. Right after you get invisibility (material replacement #1), cast Minor Avatar. Minor avatar has long cast time, but you should be able to get it cast before shadowing beyond ends. Now Minor Avatar does material replacement #2. Invisibility from Shadowing Beyond will end during Minor Avatar, leaving material replacement #2. But when Minor Avatar ends, you are stuck with material replacement from that skill.
  4. I looked into how the ability is programmed. When you pick up Resonant Touch skill, you get a passive ability that will apply status effect to the target when you attack. This status effect can stack with the same status effect from other monks, so there are no independent stacks. When you trigger the Resoant Touch attack ability, it gives immunity to resonant touch status effect to everyone in range, causing the status effect to be cleared. When the status effect is cleared, it triggers the damage status effect associated with it. It looks like it is not programmed with multiple monks in party in mind ...
  5. If you have two (or more) monks in your party, all with Resonant Touch skill, and they both apply resonant touch status effect to their targets (different or same, it doesn't matter), then when you trigger the ability to convert them to damage, the first monk will trigger damage from resonant touches the other monk did, not only his.
  6. Yes, I am trying to create a mod. I made 3 grouped modal abilities (elemental attunement to lightning/fire/ice), each one giving different elemental weapon and the weapon gives skills for that element. Switching the weapons changes the abilities. Making it combat-only would make it tedious and the character wouldn't be able to start the fight with skill of that weapon. I made it this way, using the summoned weapon, because I didn't find any other way to grant an ability by the modal skills / status effects. It is true that all existings skills summoning weapons are combat only, so this is not an issue for them and no one probably expected it.
  7. If you use summoned weapon and save the game while it is still summoned, next time you reload the save, it will be stuck on the character. I found this when trying to make a mod, which would give different abilities by switching between summoned weapons using a modal ability and which isn't combat only. (I had to do it this way, as there seems to be no way to grant abilities by applying status effects). I also tested this with spiritshift forms (modded it to not be combat only). If you save the file while spiritshifted and reload the save, your original weapons and armor is gone, abilities from spiritshifted form are stuck on skill bar.
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