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  1. Hahaha! nice one! Pls take a look when i writed this post. I usually using paradox forum and just created account here to write this post. But yes, big mistake, however made my day xD Sorry for that, Thank you Obsidian!
  2. I could write alot about, but my english wont allow me to write it so much, so well. I just found plenty of negative reviews of some part of the game i do not agree So I falled in love in PoE for this combat system. I didnt liked the story, characters. There was to much informations and game is very long, so i had to start twice again to finish it. I hated Durance. I didnt seen diffrence between anymancy and necromancy However after meeting with Ondra(WM2) i started to really like it (and with some help of wiki) i started understand universe and "god's story". In my understanding it was like "Abyndon is a cool guy, but Ondra is b..." I started to think "most of gods are ****, like ondra, wael(scroll mission), magrana(cuz of godness of war) It was epic nearly ending, when i knew the true about gods origin. I was like "it would be cool to destroy them...(maybe make some exceptions like for abyndon or Hylea) When Durance story(finally) ended(just before battle with thanos), it was my best moment in PoE1, it was SO cool moment for me when this rude ****y priest who was talking how good(and bad) his godness is, changed completly and with fury and anger he promised to take revange on his godness using her own power DeadFire Havent finished yet, just before ukaizo. Party members for me: Eder, pellagina, aloth + Xoti as a new durance and its like story continue (i like serafen and takehu, dislike maia, but respect her for good-made character) Main plot is amazing. Every meeting with gods is just epic moment for me, and for all of them i have my own opinion: Eothas is a best god with (big stone) balls who want to just make things right(sadly no interactions with him in PoE1 due to his story) I like Berath however i do not know yet if hes good or bad. I think hes good Ondra is a b... and even if shes nice sometimes i know she rude stupid egoist b... Wael is just... wael. EEEEYES. "Wael is that you? give me back my scrolls" Magrana is like Ondra I miss Hylea at PoE2, however i belive shes Eothas Ally Rymgrand is just wolf i wanna have leather from(after i kill him ofc) Galawain is retarded, however neutral No much of Abydon, but i like him for what he did. Woedika & skaen - like main enemies. Skaen looks for me like he had to betray Woedika Female narrator is AMAZING, i EXPECT to hear her in POE3, it just suits so perfectly here I like the universe and i would be happy to see more games of this universe(espiecially Watcher 3:Gods Hunt) I can understand some people may not like the story, its hard, and crpg players become older and older, and dont have time for complicated story I heard PoE2 was not big financial success. I can understand reasons(most of players didnt finish PoE1 yet) Basically i want to say that i love PoE for great combat system(for me much better than DD) and FOR STORY i havent seen in other games. For betray of mankind(and others... elfind, dwarfkind?), for Engwitan who(in my opinion) put people in chains, to be ruled by gods. This game is exciting and every meeting with Eothas / Berath is unforgetable moment for me. Basically thanks for: Story Durance, Eder Eothas, Berath and rest of Deities Narrator of PoE2 Combat system There is more i like(artwork, multiple dialogue options etc), however these few made it for me Thank you obsidian!
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