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  1. I just found out "PoE 3 wont happen cuz developer dont know reason for unsuccesfull" My very own opinion: 1. People still didnt finish PoE1. 2. People was expecting PoE1 be like dungeon and dragons, but PoE is not. Is about gods and anymancy. =I LOVE IT, however todays fans MAY not like it= 3. PoE2 is about pirates. And not about dragons. 4. Shortly after original sin 2. Poe1,Tyranny,Poe2. TO MUCH. Still PoE2 is better than all of this, however noone found out it. 5. I belive if PoE1 was like PoE2(but with no pirates), continuation would be MUST BUY. PoE1
  2. Hahaha! nice one! Pls take a look when i writed this post. I usually using paradox forum and just created account here to write this post. But yes, big mistake, however made my day xD Sorry for that, Thank you Obsidian!
  3. I could write alot about, but my english wont allow me to write it so much, so well. I just found plenty of negative reviews of some part of the game i do not agree So I falled in love in PoE for this combat system. I didnt liked the story, characters. There was to much informations and game is very long, so i had to start twice again to finish it. I hated Durance. I didnt seen diffrence between anymancy and necromancy However after meeting with Ondra(WM2) i started to really like it (and with some help of wiki) i started understand universe and "god's story". In my understandi
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