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  1. When it comes right down to it, the only ones who can change this are we the consumers. Until we stop buying, they won't stop doing their utmost to squeeze as much money from us as possible and manipulate us into getting what they want. We should have our choice of what platform we want to play on, rather than letting them choose for us and going along with it. The only reason this exclusivity isn't as bad as the console wars(one reason I'm deeply displeased to see this sort of BS growing on PC now) is that they don't know yet if they can still profit while doing it. The more we allow a su
  2. Most likely you're right on the money, Recall the Phoenix Point game that recently went exclusive as well. There was some quote that said they would still be fine if everyone who backed them refunded. Epic is paying out, in one way or another, to make these games exclusive. That's the only reason to limit your game is when you're already ensured a certain profit for doing so. Why limit your potential install base for any other reason?
  3. I will not buy any game from the Epic Store at this current time. Part of it is because of the uncertain status of their store in terms of privacy and security, but it's not just that. The Epic Game Store is anti-consumer. Something I hope that those who say they'll just buy it anyway think about that a bit before they do. The store came into being suddenly and is only relevant because they're throwing their dump trucks of Fortnight money around to buy up exclusives and pay publishers to give away games in a bid to brute force their way into the market, rather than doing the work like
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