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  1. There is a difference though. Say for instance a 6 in Dex gets you one attack, 12 gets you 2 and 18 gets you 3 attacks. Now any Dex from 7-11 and 13-17 is a waste of points since it gets you nothing tangible. Currently in RTwP every single point of Dex does something. With multiple attacks per action it creates the break points issue people have been mentioning. Plus multiple attacks in a single action begins to throw the action economy out of whack if you can exploit it. This is a good point. But even the old BG games had half attacks per round. You could have 2 or 2.5 attacks per round. So one round you get 2 attacks, the next round get 3 attacks, etc. That mitigates the break point issue to some degree, but it will still exist. The question is, does it matter? As long as the gameplay is fun and you can make the type of characters you want (fast ones, slow ones, tank ones, etc). That being said, if the FFX method of having "turns" but not "rounds" is something that can be implemented while preserving the pre-existing rules/stats, that does seem like a more elegant solution. I just echo what someone above me said: it seems like such an obvious solution that I wonder if there was some huge barrier to implementing it from the start.
  2. First poster here. Made an account just to join in on feedback on turn based, as this is my favorite type of game. Like the idea of FFX style speed/action system over turnbased. Multiple turns including possible repositioning could be overpowered though. In RTwP, usually the more actions are just continuing to attack, but at a faster rate. How about doing it like the old Darksun D&D games. You still only get one action per turn, and don't get extra actions for being faster, however If you would normally get 2-3 attacks in that amount of time (because of attack speed and recovery time), when you make an attack, your character attacks multiple times in one action. For example: Warrior with plate mail and greatsword has one action per turn. He makes a standard attack with his action. The warrior makes one swing of the sword. Monk with leather armor and lightning strikes and high dexterity. He makes a standard attack with his action. The monk attacks 3-4 times in succession before his turn ends. I know all these suggestions have more complications but that is a general idea.
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