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  1. I would add to the movement issues my own suggestions: 1. Path-finding could maybe require first click to set the path, and a second click to approve. Sometimes I click somewhere by accident, or click without knowing that the way is blocked, or click without realizing that the path is terrible. So it could be helpful to click once to set the path, and another click to perform the move. 2. The path would not show you getting into engagement if you walk close to an enemy. Some enemies (The rusted warrior in the first cave on the beach, at the game's beginning, if I am not mistaken) would initiate an engagement if you walk to close to them. It would be nice to see that in the path markings (Temple of Elemental Evil style). 3. Maybe we can adjust the path manually after the first click? Or If we don't get the path we want, maybe if we press Shift we can set our own path using small markers. (I think in games like Warcraft or Starcraft you can hold Shift to set a patrol pattern, so it would be similar) 4. Some enemies would engage in disengagement attacks and some not (Is this supposed to be like that?). So it was possible for me to "cheat" by going in with Eder, hitting the slow enemy, then running back. Run in -> hit -> run away multiple times until the enemy is destroyed (it was the Rotgut in the same cave). So the Rotgut would not hit me when I retreat, but the rusty mechanical warrior did (sometimes it did, even it would forget to do it sometimes). 5. Just an observation: All of a sudden everybody *loves* hitting my back of the line wizard. You start combat and dragons would Kamikaze onto my wizard like a crazy ex-girlfriend. I wonder if the code checks the formation, and if I put my fighter in the back, things will go back to normal.
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