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  1. Hello, everyone. Does anybody know how to change bonuses from character stats? For example: Now the precision of attack is highly depending on your level but not from the accuracy stat. Now accuracy calculating as +1 to stat/ +1 to the precision that is pretty useless. I want to modify it to be +1 to stat/ +3 to precision to avoid grind to be able to defeat high-level monsters. I hope I clarified my question ^)
  2. Hello, Obsidian team! Thank for implementing TB mode to the game. There is a list of issues I noticed during my gameplay: 1. My characters often stuck on when tried to climb to the height or by ladder during TB fight. 2. The rogue "Escape" ability lets you move almost infinitely even with spent move points. - Bug or Feature? 3. The rogue ability "Gouging Strike" last infinitely and can't be removed despite all other status effects that have a duration time. - Bug or Feature? 4. Knockback didn't affect enemies at all. They just stand up during their turn and can freely move or attack. - Bug or Feature? - Thank in advance and apologies for the double post if occurs.
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