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  1. Your outrage inducing attitude has turned this exchange into an insufferable affair, and it was wrought with hyperbole and needless exaggeration to begin with. "Bla bla bla insufferable, bla bla hyperbole, bla bla look at me feigning intelligence while I cover my retreat because I can't keep up with the argument I started" Thanks for the amusement. Your suggestion regarding initiative and actions was just a lesser version of the suggestion made by the original post. Your suggestion to have dexterity function like might for certain classes is useless. It would make very little difference and wouldn't solve the main issue. Speedy characters with low damage frequent hits, dual wielding, and light armor are gimped in the current system. Heavy and slow hits, long reloads, heavy armor, shield modals, these things don't quite have the drawbacks that they should in the current system. It seems like giving low initiative a more direct advantage or a bit of a rework might be necessary. But giving more/less turns to characters and enemies, that would be tricky to balance. I'm sure they've worked hard and made this as close to balanced as they could, and it is still early days.
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