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  1. Thanks cstanick! I did a little more research, and I found another workaround that seems to do the trick. If I run the game outside of Steam by opening the app itself from the local file, as opposed to running it in Steam, the mouse lag goes away completely. This worked for someone back in 2019 (right after I took a break from the game) and its definitely working for me. Even though I've turned off the Steam overlay and set my language to English, the issue still happens within Steam, so it seems to be a Steam-specific issue. Just happy I can play the game again!
  2. Hey everyone, Tried coming back to PoE 2 after a year-long absence, but I'm encountering a gamebreaking issue where the game either ignores my mouse clicks or it takes five to ten seconds for the game to register the clicks. I searched online and and saw this was a big issue back in 2018, but I never had any problem with it up to around July of last year when I stopped playing. I've restarted my computer, switched mice, turned off the Steam overlay...nothing works. Anyone know how I restore full mouse functionality? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Awesome news - definitely looking forward to trying this out Anyone know when the patch will be live? I thought it might be live already, but Steam apparently didn't get the message, because even though the News feed has the 5.0 update, nothing is being updated. I verified the game files, and 4.1.2 is apparently still the latest official release Not sure if it's me or if it just hasn't been actually released yet.
  4. The last beta was for 4.1, which has officially released. There currently is not a beta release to test. That...makes way more sense. That might also explain why I am able to try the turn-based mode right now. Thank you for the clarification!
  5. Hey everyone, Looking for a little help. I've followed the instructions for getting access to the Beta in Steam (really want to try out turn-based mode!), but I'm afraid no download ever occurs. I've triple-checked, and my "opt into public betas" option is selected - the game title has [beta] at the end. Starting the game does nothing. Restarting Steam does nothing. Restarting my computer does nothing. I literally have no idea what to do next - any help would be greatly appreciated!
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