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  1. I came here searching for the solution of the puzzle and understand this topic turns to be harder than solving the puzzle... Guys, I don't want to sound aggressive, but you should really think about your ability to explain things to people (seriously, read what you wrote, your instruction are so bad I created a new account just to explain it better). 1. Get to the Sunken Crown map; go through the fight and the scene with the king. 2. Leave the map by the top/left portal. 3. Activate the water manipulator and get the weapon from the statue. At this point both flooded paths just outside the Sunken Crown are walkable - keep it that way. 4. Go back to the Sunken Crown map using the portal (any one). 5. Leave the Sunken Crown map by the top/right portal. 6. Now you are outside the flooded map (just in the first map where you spoke with the dragon before it "dug" a hole in the ground. Go back to the flooded map. 7. Inside the flooded map, go stair up and use the portal (since you have no other option) 8. Use the water manipulator thing just outside the portal - a new path will be available (in the same "platform" you are now). 9. DO NOT use any other water manipulator, just walk and use portals to reach again the Sunken Crown map. 10. Profit
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