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  1. The ability second wind disappeared from the bar of Eder. He had it previously but it's not here now. I can still use it from the "frequently used" bar but it's not in the quickbar anymore. Also the constant recovery ability is noted as a free action on the skill tree but it has never been on the bar, instead it trigger from the first round of fight so it's often wasted too early in the fight
  2. Just started a game in turn based mode and Eder doesn't get Constant Recovery as a free action like said in the description but instead it's launched automaticaly when the fight start .... . What is the point of a heal that only start a few round if it start before you're damaged? Especially since if you put your cursor on Constant Recovery in the skill tree it says "Free" so it should be a regular free action not something that trigger automatically at the start of the fight!
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