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  1. Try it again on today's patch. I loaded one of your Abovedeck saves and was able to exit to the world map. Hi BMac, Thanks so much. Seems to be working as intended. I really appreciate your guys' responsiveness and personal touch, and so glad I can now go finish the game (notice the zombie 0 health bug is also fixed).
  2. Having this same issue 102 hours in. After leaving Neketaka post-Magran's Teeth, and having the follow up conversation with the gods, I now cannot exit my ship without triggering this error. Savegames can be found here. Have tried verifying game files, loading rather than continuing etc. Even tried going back to an older save (this one), and replaying the conversation, but get the same outcome.
  3. Apologies for the necro, but there's a much simpler way to do this, that doesn't involve any loading screens, at least when you're in a city. Go to world map, then supply, then party management. Doesn't give you inventory access, of course, but does let you swap party members in and out without loading at all.
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