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  1. Lol, yeah. Although you would expect to hit more if you had all three feats in that blaster weapon category.
  2. Yeah, KOTOR is an extremely popular game and is way easy to discuss it at this level o activity.
  3. Nope i can't say i did :D EDIT: I might try Dark side today actually, does Kreia fall in love with you instead of Visas? haha.
  4. I agree, but the lure of possible new content is too powerful. Once I've played the game through as a good male and a good female, what else is there to do? Let all the 'evil' content sit there on the hard drive un-played? Yup It deserves to stay there and die a forever slowly death I just feel bad when i've done something wrong, but i must admit, i did want to turn to the dark side when i spent like 5+ hours? getting the Jedi Masters all together and Kreia to come and kill them just made me shout at the monitor.
  5. So that aint blanking a swear word? And that point then makes out you were swearing and using the censoring to cover it up, so i cant see your point in trying to contradict me. What was wrong with bringing Morrowind up in the first place, comparing RPG's is a good way of finding out weakness's or limitations in one another, but if you had not posted that post then this could have been avoided. EDIT: i like it how a Mod comes and looks at our posts and then just walks away without any input.
  6. And you miss my point in the beginning of swearing, theres no need for it. People can take it the wrong way, you don't think i know about IPB censoring? I own an IPB forum so i think i should.
  7. Oh im sorry although i is an RPG title and has won RPG awards but Xard says it aint an RPG, so it can't be, and no i don't want to try writing those blanks as there is no point, i don't have to lower my level across the internet thanks. So that aint blanking a swear word? Anyway, back on topic...
  8. It isnt a written rule, so shut it as i don't snap at you (and try to stop acting hard with a keyboard, wow you blanked out a swear word, do you want a medal?). If you don't like it, don't post, we didn't ask for your uncalled for input. I'm a good Bethesda Fan until Oblivion, i think they make good RPG's.
  9. I can never do Dark side, just isn't in my interest or nature of playing games.
  10. Morrowind? That had a brilliant story and was completely open ended sandbox play. If KOTOR was ever made like that then that would be the best game of Star Wars ever.
  11. Aye, i agree. I mean seriously... do we need any more MMORPG's? mmorpg.com is packed (and i mean packed!) with MMORPG's and upcoming ones.
  12. Playing KOTOR (for the first time ) and Oblivion mainly along with UT 2004.
  13. Yeah an MMORPG SET in that time would be awesome, the possibilities would be so good. Take elements of EVE (building your own ship etc.), going into battles with Sith and Republic, join the exchange. Run your own swoop gang etc. But the bottom line still remains with me, no matter how good they make it, SW Galaxies was a let down and i have lost all faith in MMORPG's lately
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