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  1. Another one cause I have a huge amount of trouble settling on a character to play.
  2. Thinking of using this one for my next play through. Figured I'd share it. Credit goes to original artist: Nikita Volobuev. I just edited it.
  3. Probably a bit late and kinda half-assed but here ya go. You can thank corvid-19 for giving me the free time to do this !
  4. Figured I'd share this edit I did of a portrait I found earlier in this thread. Not sure who the original artist is but all credit goes to him/her. I'm not the best at editing but there's a lack of good godlike portraits so I figured I'd give it a try. If anyone more capable wants to clean it up that'd be cool too
  5. This is awesome! Thanks so much I don't mind if you use them. I don't even know who the original artists are so I can't credit them. Just found the images on pinterest. Pretty sure they're fan art of Hawk from Dragon Age and Ifan Ben Mezd from Divinity.
  6. Not nearly enough rugged bearded dudes around. Would anybody be able to watercolor these? I tried but failed miserably. Apparently I'm incompetent.
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